Ideas from the Homeless Stacey’s Story This is my life & story – by Stacey This is my house, my floor is a tarp and blankets, my roof & walls are 2 large orange garbage bags that are taped together. Hopefully I won’t get kicked out of this spot for a while, I just got everything almost waterproofed. Last night I just found this spot because I got kicked out of my last spot as well as a bunch of others, but I got woken up at about 3:45 am to my roof collapsing along with about a gallon of rain water, what a way to wake up. Outside of my little home for the homeless. The last spot was a good one, we were all somewhat comfortable, out of sight of the public, and nobody was getting hurt or abused, but the police thought different and kicked everyone out, I don’t know why but all I know [is] there were a few more people wandering the streets with all their belongings in carts, now that is very embarrassing. My point is there should be more shelters that can accommodate couples, not just women, or just men. Some of us … Continue reading GoinHome